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Regardless of the value/title/cosmetic condition, it still is 394 HP, 360 ft-lb, sub 5 sec 0-60..... So just drive it and enjoy!

My M5 has wicked rock chips on the front bumper...I got a quote of $1200 to paint that and a bunch of other cosmetic defects. One of my car buff buddies advised me not to fix it.... "You'll forever be chasing the perfect finish". Instead, I spent $80 on Dr. Colorchip and a few hours in the garage.

I took the bumper off and put it on the bench to do this. It feels a bit rough, but at least it looks fine unless you take a closer look.

How do the headlamps look? Are they faded? I polished mine and they look great - not new, but pretty damn good!
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