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Originally Posted by damameke View Post
There were 2 articles written in the Wheels section about the frustrations of dealers failing the test of cars that customers bought that has to have a drive clean test.

This new test is causing alot of inconvenience for car owners and it cost much more than the $39 now...,and like post #5 said.. "bring in the car and we wil put in the garage and start up the car eraly and let it warm up" . isnt this illegal. car idling and cause more emission?

I wonder whose bright idea this is, for using ODB and most car will fail..
this should be an election issue as well as the automible insurance and we all should do our part by complaining to our MP(which I did and will do follow up) instead of taking it in the chin all the time...
and can you imagine
+1. They obviously listed to the "experts" out there. I say revolt to your MP office and voice the concern

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