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Originally Posted by JayFinesse View Post
It's just hard to stand out in my area. Every Tom, Dick (bmwM5Lover), and Harry has the M bumpers. I think if the bumper were one solid colour, ditched the led's, eyelids, hood, and stickers it would look like an F10 since the E39 is somewhat mirrored in the F10...

Just some food for thought. BTW burning the car down was a little extreme chief...
It all depends what you want to "stand out" from, and what crowd you want to be noticed by! If you are going for "Yo bro, sick car, is it an M5??", than this bumper would do it; will fit right in with the ricers. If you are going for something more like "Nice clean E39, what year is it?", this wont do it.

Even tho many people have the M bumpers, doest take much AT ALL to make the car stand out. Tons of lip options, a milion rims setups, and the list goes on. This is before we even start considering colors and interiors. If you want something to stand out, find a rare car! (OR build it!). E39's are SO popular you can find almost anything you want, and well priced. Only the sky and your tast is the limit.
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