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Originally Posted by frankie591 View Post
He said he wasn't swapping motor right away, and it is cheaper/easier to swap in an m20 car than an m42 car (driveshaft/trans can be reused for ms5x swaps)

Just my opinion anyway
M42 trans and drive shaft can be used on an m5x swap

M50 swap is a waste of money

M52 swap with m3 cams, starting to get some power

S50/s52 swap is decent power

S54 swap, good power

Domestic small block swap - now your talking

With the good swaps I wouldn't even value the stock 260 getrag or drive shaft as useable

Getrag 260's are cheap and plentiful if you want to go from a getrag 240

You can get a full m20 swap for $700-$1000 motor to driveshaft, and readily found if the m42 isn't your thing

Now starting with a solid shell with good floors and frame rails, that's priceless
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