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Track car + DD question

Hey guys,
New guy here , and I have a question. I've been looking to buy an e30. The main purpose is to build a track car but keep it street legal for DD duties for now. Down the road I do intend on swapping out the engine for a more powerful engine. I've been looking for one for a while and finally narrowed it down to two 318is which are very similar apart from some key differences:

Car 1: Has a replaced engine, recently went through a rebuild by the owner who is a mechanic. Engine currently has 40k km on it after rebuild. But has the stock suspension and mostly everything else is OE. Car 1 asking price is $800 cheaper than car 2.

Car 2: Stock engine with around 250k km but has quality aftermarket springs/ shocks but owned by an enthusiast who has changed a lot of things including but not limited to subframe bushings, upgraded brakes and radiator.

Which one would you guys recommend? Which would make a better base to start? Appreciate any advice
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