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Originally Posted by sb_600 View Post
You're supposed to bend the UUC rod. If it's still straight, then yeah - do that.
Jesus you figure I would have thought of that when considering buying a pre-bent one. When I get the tranny back in, I should try bending the UUC rod as long as it will still be long enough bent. Its REALLY not that much contact, maybe 1mm is shaved off the guibo. That's good, then I can leave the rear bracket where it is and just make sure it stays there

Originally Posted by sb_600 View Post
are you running solid transmission mounts? If so, then cut the carrier off and weld/bolt it to the transmission tunnel (that's what i'm going to do!)
I'm running the AKG alum. capped e21 mounts. You mean the front of the carrier onto the tunnel? And then the worry would be the transmission shifting a bit and putting stress on the rod/lever as they wouldn't move together

Good idea, I'm not an experienced fabricator though! I have to be careful with how much I bite off :p. On the weekend I'm going to take another look at everything

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