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Ignition is jammed - HELP!

Hi guys,
I was wondering if I could get some of your insights on a problem that I have...

I recently went to start my car on a colder day (about -2 according to my OBC) and I got 3/4 past my first "click" which engaged the normal lights on my gauge cluster.
I tried to continue to turn my key to crank the engine however it is totally seized. I can remove the key, however I cannot return the key back to the original "off" position, nor move it forward to start the engine.

I have tried the following things to try and fix the problem, to no avail:
1) wiggled the steering wheel while trying to crank the key, as I thought it was a wheel lock problem
2) put the car in neutral, and tried to crank

The same thing had happened to me about a year ago, and I ended up having to order a new key cylinder and key from the dealership, which makes me wonder why this has happened again. I'm hoping I dont have to fork over another $450 to fix this problem.

I suspect that this is a key cylinder problem, however any help would be really appreciated. The key I am using is brand new, as well as the key cylinder, so I am baffled at this point. Thanks!
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