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Originally Posted by Blades View Post
No offence randy but that thing looks like a ebay product .. surprised you would put that in your car .. if you want it to go down then get the Dinan one.

If you want a decent intake go conforti or Afe

You couldn't be further from the truth Arek. Those "decent" intakes you claim are jokes (easily made by anyone with a sheet metal brake & local hardware store accessories). The R&D, quality and attention to detail of Carbonio products would be right at home with Pagani or Koenigsegg. I've been to their facilities (last week to pick up these intakes) and it's absolutely amazing what they produce. Nothing Chinese, I can assure you!

Click on this link and research the company further before throwing out speculations.

P.S. I'll never put anything Dinan on my car.

Originally Posted by KIRASIR View Post
The main issue, of course, is that these intakes are over 10 years old, since then every company in China has copied the design.
This is true, but i've priced these competitively to move. These are truly beautiful works-of-art for a very reasonable price.
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