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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
ahhaha, bmw and any dealer will take anything on a trade, then they will mark it up exponentially, no one, well there are always morons, buys it and after it sits, then a wholesaler or someone like me buys it and then we sell it for less (or if you are a greedy dealer) the same that bmw was selling it for.

That is the used car market 101.
Most new car/big dealers will not hold on to anything over 4 years and with over XXXXXX amount of km's, regardless of car and condition.
So true. Once he told me, "we put them up for sale in a bidding war with other dealers", I knew what I was in for haha. My buddy was buying a 2012 328I coupe, so I just came with him anyway. Btw do fresh trade ins come with any service records or nah?
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