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FS: 1993 Jetta 2L RED 5 SPD - AS IS

As said, selling my MK3 Jetta 2L - Red, no power options except for power locks. 5 speed.

It's a 1993 with a 1995 ABA motor/tranny/cluster... Approx 265k on the cluster, no idea what is on the body as I didn't do the swap.

Motor runs strong, tranny is good, reverse makes some noise though, clutch is so so (holds perfectly fine), rad has a slight leak.

Body is what it is... it's not bad considering the age, paint is faded but will polish up to what you see in the pic below with some elbow grease (if you wanted to anyway). Gas filler door is hanging on by whatever is left (not much).

The car is sold as-is, interior is clean. This car has been my winter car/DD/oh **** I need a car because my other car is broke/etc for the past 3.5 years and it has never let me down ever.

It can be driven until the end of the month where the insurance will no longer be on the car and then will remain parked or scrapped.

It has the OE aluminum 14's with 2.5 year old Dunlop winters on them with approx 50% left.

Looking for $500 obro for the car or other reasonable offers, might even consider trades for something related to MKIV GLI's (looking for suspension and headlights).

If you're going to offer me $100 I will just ignore you and scrap the car.

Location: Etobicoke
Contact PM or email: notorious.vr (at) gmail (dot) com

Here is a pic for approx 2 years ago, I will get current pics later on today:

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