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Originally posted by M3Pilot
I'm not hating here but can some one tell me why no one is really American?
Ok if you want to be historically correct I would say that the only true American's are really the Indians, but when I was out there they were either eveyoneweas either Italian, Irish, South American, English and most of the people have never even been out the States none of them say I'm American.
To me you are where your born, if your born in America your not Irish you mum and dad might be Irish but your not. Just something that I never understood. I had some guy arguing with me that he was a English as I was because his Grandfather was from England. When I told him that he was American he was having none of it, crazy
I understand your confusion. Here in Canada... Toronto for that matter, everyone considers themselves whatever their ancestors are, unless they're 3rd generation born here (caker). Canada is a relatively young country inhabited by A LOT of immigrants. Actually, Toronto is considered the most ethnic city in the world. I know it's not right, but we just do it and we're used to it. It's hard to find someone over the age of 60 without some sort of foreign accent. The funny thing about Americans though... no matter where they're ancestors originated from, they always consider themselves AMERICANS. Kinda like what you're reffering to. I guess they're just really proud?
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