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Originally Posted by cormier View Post
Wow it's been a while!

Finally got the chance to pull the tranny. The next one I get will have all 5 forward gears.

Got to take a look at the selector rod, the guibo only shows a tiny bit of contact but ill fix it to be higher up and out of the way before its back together

Probably the most important though, the flywheel was loose. All 8 ****in bolts. Going to have to figure that out but I'm very glad that the knocking sound is probably figured out. I was betting on this, but I was concerned about spun bearings.

On the hunt for a new ZF, going to pick up a set of Star Specs, and then ill get it all back together
Loose flywheel bolts could be either they weren't installed/TQ'd to the correct spec or driving around with a missing cyl(s) for long periods of time. Was the motor running fine or rough?
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