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Hey thank you windwagen
Yes the fogs and all the lights wore expencive but i love them
The euro licence i have from back when i was in Romania so it had to find its way on my car here. Its not for everybody but i like it.
Yes the original bumper of the car was never the greatest and i also do not want to put the M bumper on, i want something more diferent and unique. The m bumper looks good but everybody uses it on m or non m cars its too common now
I think i will just go with the hamann kit and save my self the trouble

Also for the crome trim i kinda like it. It is not too much, the car is all black so a bit of accent here and there goes nice imo + my summer rims are same theam

I cant wait for the summer so we can finally get our cars looking good and finally come out and put a face to all the names
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