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It's getting there! Looks good.... Not a fan of the big license plate tho.... I like the new fogs and the super clean AE kit!

The ACS and Hamman pix all look good! Subtle and mean. I never liked the Non - Msport "Chin" on our cars. At certain angles, it looks wimpy. Adding something underneath gives it an aggressive look. I might have to agree with some of the other posters here. Stance would give it that final touch. I don't think your car is a "Sport" which would be lower by 25mm. The M5 is another 12mm lower than that (I think). Obviously, this mod is a huge expense for cosmetic reasons. Maybe one day your springs and shocks will die and you have no choice!

I blacked out all the chrome on my ex 540. I can tell you what I did if you're interested. It cost next to nothing -NO!- I didn't use a magic marker! Ok, maybe to touch up a couple of small spots

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