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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
Leaving traction on is fine for normal driving but when a car is stuck I find it better to turn it off. Look in the video I posted the wheels were barely trying to turn because of traction, once I took it off, it just powered out of it.
ABS - Traction control - Stability Control.....The next feature should be "Intelligent Control"....

The algorithm should detect the car's TC is bening activated chronically, but the car is not actually moving...defeat the TC until it gets up to a reasonable undriven wheels are 20 kph or something.

While we're on this topic, ABS works great in most conditions. But if the snow is not packed down hard, a locked wheels stops a car in shorter distance. So add that to the Intelligent Control... use the back up camera to detect just how snowy it is and .....
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