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It is not unusual to compare products among brand,especially in the smartphone market and it is more prevalent now because BB just launched the Z10 so there is always some bashig here and there more so with BB, and remember "RIM" is supposed to be bankrupt a while ago?

In BMW cars with the 3 series GT, some are complaining about the design.. .BMW 3 series cars are better than Audi or Lexus I series.. so on and so you see, we are complainers and hard to please.. just becuase we have so much time on our hand and a Maxbimmer forum to waste it

APPL fan will always be APPL fan so is Andriod.. and if one is open minded, one should check out the Z10 even tho they prefer to stick to their brand, and it is practically ok.

I dont know what your definition of Innovation is? Bb10 is a complete new OS based on the QNX platform and its theirs to license in the future if BB wants to go in that direction,so no patent lawsuit here...

The selling point of the Z10 based on the launch is:Hub, Balance(Enterprise users), Peek, no other OS has these features.

BBM Video - APPL has Facetime but BBM video has screen sharing, BBM Video uses little data for it is compressed...timeshift photography and history maker, these to me are good features..

As an investor in BB, of course, I like the sales to be better but I am willing to wait for the next few quarters, and after the dust settles, I think BB will come up with something with their Playbook...
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