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Originally Posted by 325isStephen View Post
Are you going to use the trans mount as a template to make something slimer? Looks like you like your car to be pretty low and the way you have it now it will likely get destroyed quickly not to mention not leave any room for exhaust. Not trying to put your build down at all, it looks good. If you make the mount clearance more you will have more ground clearance and alot more room to run exhaust.
I totally agree stephen, someone on another forum said the same thing actually. I do plan to cut the left side level with the mount. But if that doesn't give me enough room i might use some other tube or get a mount machined. Hows that sr treating you?

Anywho, i've been chugging along with the build as best i can. Ended up staying at the shop all day try and finish up the shaved bay.

Keep in mind everyone, this is my first couple times welding. And today was my first time with the mig welder (which i love now).

Got the passenger side all tacked up, shaved the welds down after and im basically ready for filler.

Got a sheet welded on the drivers side but didn't get to finish the rest. Its taking forever stripping the sealer and grease off this thing.

After the welds are tacked a little more ill be using a panel adhesive to smooth the joints.

After that is all sanded down ill probably use a short strand fiber and end with a finishing glaze.

Also if you didn't notice i removed my rad support (drilled out the spot welds). I will be making brackets that will bolt on to the chasis and fender wall to hold everything in place.

Im still having alot of trouble figuring out what rad to use for sufficient cooling, and also how im going to mount it. So far the best option is to shave a bit off the inside square of the rad support and remove the bulge from the hood release. I should then be able to fit the rad inside of it. The stock bmw rad does fit (within mm's to the crank pulley) but i dont feel it will cool the rb, especially with a front mount.

Thanks for watching, i should have the bay ready for filler in the next day or 2.
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