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Originally Posted by TSI View Post
Okay, that actually makes it easier. It could be one of two things:

1. You have a bad connection somewhere in the audio system...maybe a fuse, even. Metal shrinks when cold, so a bad connection could be to blame. Does it happen once only, or multiple times? Is it related to bumps on the road, slowing/stopping/starting, etc?

2. This is pure speculation (I know almost nothing of BMW stereos after 2000), but you may have liquid-cooled tweeters. If they freeze (below -10 or so), they might stop working to avoid damage.

Or, it might be a computer problem. I know playing with the headunit is a huge pain, but could you find another to try?

It happens multile times when it's cold, the only correlation I find is to the rpm. i.e. when I accelerate and rpm goes up, voila: it happens right of way. I'm doing very short rides these days, only to the train station and back ( less that 5 min. ). Today I will be taking the car for a longer ride. let's see what happens. Will let you know what happens on a longer ride and still very cold conditions.

Thanks a million for your reply.
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