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Ended up finishing this part of the project the day after I put up these pictures, and a note of advice, if you ever use coolant seal liquids or whatever, it can cause the water valve (heater valve) to jam up, I ended up cleaning that as well, blows hot air and running a little bit smoother.

Now my plans for February are rebuild the vanos, install my ccv, get my clutch replaced, and also I'm having a start up issue, I believe its fuel pump related because it will start for a split second then die out, and I can't hear the fuel pump going so I will diagnose that soon and hopefully it will only be a blown fuse if not then .

I also am trying out these coilovers that I've heard pretty good things about from the vw guys I know, solo werkes s1's, going to be ordered and installed in March-April and got a new set of rims, and some other little goodies.


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