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Originally Posted by daytona View Post
Jamil I dont know what phone your CEO was using but my geak friends got a sneak peak at it today and they said its nothing special and the resolution of the screen is crap.If they try and sell these phones for over $299 to the third world subscribers and try and turn a profit off them BB is finished.Now they are delaying the release in the states for 7 weeks by that time Apple and Samsung would be releasing their newer models.
The z10 has a slightly higher resolution than the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 (z10 1280x768, S3 1280x720, iP5 1136x640), I wouldn't really call that crap by any means. Maybe not as innovative as a few new phones have or will have 1920x1080.

I'm pretty sure the American delay was the US Carrier's decision, not Blackberry's. The phone has already been released in a few markets.
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