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Originally posted by BiBimBap
Yeah, I'm thinking of painting my moldings as well - do you have a place that will do a good job?
European Autobody (Mississauga BMW's bodyshop), I almost shat my pants when I saw the quality of work they do. lol It's EXACTLY showroom paint. This place is a big bodyshop and CLEAN. They paint Ferrari's, BMW's and Masarati's from what I saw there. They would know what to do. I hate small paint shops. Don't trust anyone of them anymore! They prooved what kinda work they can do. Don't go to Downtown BMW's bodyshop.... they are crap. and so is Budds bodyshop. Budds is also VERY expensive. If you go to European Autobody talk to Manuel, he helped me out, nice guy! (416)679-8722
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