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Originally Posted by captain E34 View Post

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then i fitted a filter on the end of that hose there.... i forget the name... umm.. crankcase ventilation or something rather....

Attachment 114416
Looking good dude!

I would re-consider just putting a filter on there. What you should really do is run a air/oil separator and a catch can, with the air going back into the intake, or have the catch can filtered - however, see below...

Your car is going to be street legal right? Well the way you have it set up right now is illegal. You aren't allowed to have any crankcase fumes vented to atmosphere. If you ever get pulled over by the cops/MTO, you could face some serious fines.

I suggest you do something like I mentioned above - run an oil catch can, and then send the air back into the intake. I set up my catch can so that it drains back into my oil pan so I never have to empty it.

Keep up the good work
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