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Originally Posted by fordham2010 View Post
Hey guys,

I'm about to purchase BC Racings BR Type Coilover set up for my E30. I would like to get a very low stance set up for my car and BC Racing offers custom spring lengths/rates as well as different valving. I plan to drive my car mainly as a daily with a little drifting/autocross and I need some help with specing out this suspension.

As for spring stiffness I've heard the majority of guys go with 550 Front and 675 Rear. As far as spring length goes, I am not sure what size to get.

For shock lengths, and valving, can anyone point me in the right direction for a correct daily set up that is low. i.e. Frame 1.5 inches off the ground.

Thanks guys

Don't know if you already got this sorted out or not, but here's my BC setup.

front 6 inch spring, 3 inch shorter shock, 10k spring rate
rear 5 inch spring, 2 inch shorter shock, 12k spring rate.

I have room to go down front and rear, but the wheels are in the way. Just a heads up that its physically impossible to do this without solving pan clearance issues. (my car is has been modded quite heavily to solve clearance issues, but I still wear through steering racks and subframes, cant fix the road getting in the way)

Hope that helps, definitely advise a motor swap before going that low though.
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