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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
Squeaking where exactly?

Try using some oil in the window runners to start, spray generously and put window up and down to lube. We do this as part of our general service too since these windows like to squak and get dry. Be sure to put the nozzle tube into the runner and go up and down, the back and small portion before the side mirror. You may see some streaking along the window edge but thats cool, it will go away or you can clean it off, your choice.
What kind of oil? Also would it be possible that I over torqued the screws into the inner side panel of the driver door? My window buttons control box on the door seemed tighter than before I took it apart, so I loosened it until it wasn't squished looking but I guess I could loosen them up some more, I believe theres 3 or 4 screws behind the door trim, just not sure if that can affect the glass.
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