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Curiousity got the best of me the other day, and I had to try my Sparco Circuit that has been sitting in my room for some time. I still can't believe how this seat is so HUGE, and HEAVY. I had to reverse the side mounts in an attempt to push the seat over towards the middle of the car because the seat 'ears' come pretty close to the driver window when its closed. For the most part, I'll never drive with the window up, but still... its not to my liking.

Obviously, this is the Recaro. Nice, classy, and period correct.

And the Sparco. WTF. Not to mention, its a pain in the ass to get into the car now.


Err.. Yeah... I don't like this.

Plus I feel like a friggin' tool sitting in such an old car with this retardedly modern seat. I always had commented and rediculed guys at the racetrack with their 'vintage' cars with modern safety gear (or any modern parts for that matter, but thats another can of worms I don't wish to dwell on right now)... I love safety just as much as the next guy, but lets be honest. Vintage cars are relatively slow, and they got away for the most part with the existing safety gear that was around back then. So why tart it up with strange crap that doesn't look the part???

Hey... whats that piece of cardboard on the floor?

Yup... first signs of life of my new dead pedal! I'm not really one for buying ready made shit, because I feel anyone and their mom can open a catalogue and order whatever and bolt it on their cars. The Massive Brakes dead pedal is usually the obvious choice for 2002s... but I have my reasons why I don't feel like supporting his products, plus why should I if I can make something myself thats better!

So I got to work with a slab of aluminum sheet. Luckily this time, because its such thin material, I can use the small dimple dies we have (which I couldn't use on my gas pedal because of the material type and thickness) and it came out pretty good. Still have to bend some edges and rivet it together.

Not bad!!

And lastly, a pic of the car for good measure since we forgot how it looks from all the parts pictures lately. Yes, I've been trucking along on the vinyl too. Mmmmmm....


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