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Originally Posted by SamE30e View Post
I'm not sure. I've always wanted to do an MS setup. But tuneable chips are so much easier. Cold starting is never an issue, and you always have a base tune that works.
Tuning cold start isn't too bad. The first day it was really cold I had to try starting 4 times before the car would stay running. The next day I increased the priming pulse-width and cranking pulse-width a bit and it only took two trys starting. The next day I tweaked it a bit more and now it fires up normally. Having a solid base tune is nice, but if there's enough guys out there who have already gone standalone, it's usually not hard to get your hands on a good base tune.

Originally Posted by Yamahammer View Post
calm down and post some pics of your builds!
Yeah Joe... post some pics of your build! haha

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