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Originally Posted by AGO 530 View Post
I agree with AA providing a great tune. I own a CPO with a boatload of warranty; I’d hate to lose the tune when having software updated. What sold me was the ability to custom tune or de-tune whenever I chose. Not to mention it can be easily removed or re-sold.

My pre tuning concern was the horrible gas millage from the Ultra 94. Based on my readings so far, I was expecting to see a 3-4% drop in millage using ethanol based fuels. I’m just having a hard time believing the 15% loss just from switching fuels.
15% is pretty steep. Switch back or to V power and log it again.

Good points on the tune. I know AA sells a portable scanner/programmer (simon). I almost bought one to store my old custom Dinan tune, current tune and track tune. It may be worth the call to talk to Karl Hughes at AA about options.

Either way enjoy the car, its a nice one...

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