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Originally Posted by cormier View Post
Lol I think Rich's first post was joking lets all take it in stride

I like seeing what previous e30 owners have moved on to. And AWD drag cars are so left field from e30s that its almost a welcome relief :p
Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
If you didn't happen to have the ECM link would you opt to go with a DIYPNP MS kit? They sell one for that motor for less than the ECM link and it'd give you a bunch of useful tools like on board boost control, launch control, flat shift, table switching on the fly etc...

I'm not sure. I've always wanted to do an MS setup. But tuneable chips are so much easier. Cold starting is never an issue, and you always have a base tune that works.

Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
I seriously can't believe your have to be better online attitude sometimes, I hope to hell you spend more time working on bmws if your an apprentice at at dealer(not sure if you got your liesence yet) so ya your spending 40hrs a week working on them to make money.

But that has nothing to do with this thread

Wish you could take a joke, if I hurt your feeling I'm sorry, I understand as a young tech wanting to build and learn about all different cars and platforms to build knowledge, that's parts of the job, and I did it back in my early
20's when I was doing my hours. I changed paths but still spend a lot of time wrenching and helping others with their car, and love the e30's, sorry but when I come to the e30 section I do expect to be able to read about them, not other cars, free time to enjoy a passion is limited as a new father, when I want to read about non BMW cars I don't log onto a BMW site.

I'm never serious....

I'm sorry I polluted your E30 thread...

I helped someone with a M30 swap at work.
85 325 - Turbo M52B28.
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