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Originally Posted by Dinanstu View Post
Shell V power is my only choice. I don't think there's a benefit for ethanol on a turbo or supercharger set-up.

I have never been convinced of "plug and play" tuning. I think Dinan and AA provide the best tune, the best reliability and performance.
I agree with AA providing a great tune. I own a CPO with a boatload of warranty; I’d hate to lose the tune when having software updated. What sold me was the ability to custom tune or de-tune whenever I chose. Not to mention it can be easily removed or re-sold.

My pre tuning concern was the horrible gas millage from the Ultra 94. Based on my readings so far, I was expecting to see a 3-4% drop in millage using ethanol based fuels. I’m just having a hard time believing the 15% loss just from switching fuels.
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