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I seriously can't believe your have to be better online attitude sometimes, I hope to hell you spend more time working on bmws if your an apprentice at at dealer(not sure if you got your liesence yet) so ya your spending 40hrs a week working on them to make money.

But that has nothing to do with this thread

Wish you could take a joke, if I hurt your feeling I'm sorry, I understand as a young tech wanting to build and learn about all different cars and platforms to build knowledge, that's parts of the job, and I did it back in my early
20's when I was doing my hours. I changed paths but still spend a lot of time wrenching and helping others with their car, and love the e30's, sorry but when I come to the e30 section I do expect to be able to read about them, not other cars, free time to enjoy a passion is limited as a new father, when I want to read about non BMW cars I don't log onto a BMW site.

Originally Posted by SamE30e View Post
Ok, well if we want to talk about working on BMW's I'm pretty sure I have you beat in that area in every aspect.

It's not going to be a drag car. But it will be my toy meant for straight line schlackings.

I want to see what I can make on a stock engine. It put down almost 300whp and 320ftlb on it's current set up. I'm going to put a set of cam's in, that should yield close to 30whp. Along with a bunch of other little things I have in mind and want to experiment, my goal is 350whp. Which should be good for low 12's high 11's.

It's on a ECM link V3 (A fancy chip that performs magical things and powers 9 second drag cars on a stock ecu) with a speed density conversion, that alone is worth half of what I paid for the car.

I should post pictures of my EJ207 swapped WRX.
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