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This rice bucket started my addiction

Which soon transformed into this.
Unfortunately, it was short lived. The car was in a front end accident due to some idiot making an illegal left turn. The car was written off.

Soon after, I purchased Terry's old e30.
I decided to do the body work first again and it turned out like this.
This car was also short lived. On my way back from school a taxi driver didn't see the red light and rear ended me. This car was also written off.

After all this bad luck I decided to get out of the scene and bought a 92 Nissan sentra lol and didn't look back.

Years went by with the Nissan until I got a pretty cool job running a rental company came up. I had the pleasure of driving a lot of nice cars; however, my company car of choice was a black on black e46 330ci.
The e46 was nice.

Finally the company decided to sell the e46, which was fine because they put me in a black 5sp Z4 that could not be rented to customers due to our insurance policy. Company car only. Great news for me lol.
I had a lot of fun in this car, lots of road trips were taken lol

Currently I fell back to the dark side. I'm in an e30 again and love it. Really missed being in one. Something about e30s that can always put a childish grin on my face.

It's a black on black 1987 325is. Some of you have seen it around.
I bought the car in pieces. Had to pretty much reassemble the whole car. PO striped the whole interior down but never got back to putting it together.
Here is how she sits now.

Great thread!
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