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I have trouble believing "tough time topping its past success"

when new records are being anounced every quarter.

they sold 57 million iphones. 57 MILLION.... in a quarter! Does that not boggle your freaking mind?

UP from 47 million last year.

The gross margin is down 6 percent... Which still makes them more competitive then all the other companies in the same landscape. Whats NOKIAS gross margin? or RIMs? or Samsungs?

The articles being posted don't even make sense. How can you sell 10 million more phones - and then in the same sentence say APPLE MAY BE LOSING it's edge with consumers.........

It's just baffling to me. I have to be honest, I am completely baffled.

And yet the articles being published took RIM from 6$ a share to 18$ a share, on a hunch, about the posibility of success.

A 10 % drop on these earnings does not make any sense at all.

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