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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
Why am I posting in the e30 section, read the first page of the thread, now read again, first page of the thread in the e30 section, hmmm, well looks like I have an e30 project on the go, which means I posted about my e30 in the e30 section on a BMW forum page.

I don't post all over this BMW Fourm about my truck or caddy, cause they are not bmws, and people don't come here to hear about non BMW projects.

Ok, well if we want to talk about working on BMW's I'm pretty sure I have you beat in that area in every aspect.

Originally Posted by cormier View Post
Lol I think Rich's first post was joking lets all take it in stride

I like seeing what previous e30 owners have moved on to. And AWD drag cars are so left field from e30s that its almost a welcome relief :p
It's not going to be a drag car. But it will be my toy meant for straight line schlackings.

I want to see what I can make on a stock engine. It put down almost 300whp and 320ftlb on it's current set up. I'm going to put a set of cam's in, that should yield close to 30whp. Along with a bunch of other little things I have in mind and want to experiment, my goal is 350whp. Which should be good for low 12's high 11's.

It's on a ECM link V3 (A fancy chip that performs magical things and powers 9 second drag cars on a stock ecu) with a speed density conversion, that alone is worth half of what I paid for the car.

I should post pictures of my EJ207 swapped WRX.
85 325 - Turbo M52B28.

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