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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Being able to crack in an communicate with the OEM BMW systems is no easy task. It usually requires paying lots of money to some underground hacker in Germany who will send you a little black box that will allow you to communicate with the cars computer system.
Oh yea, I agree. That's probably why nothing like that exists. It would probably be easier to remove the DSC module and reuse the sensors with a new system, then you have to get that to work with the ABS module, so you'll probably have to remove that too, and maybe the ECU... so basically a totally new electrical system, like they use on track only cars... lol

For data acquisition, there's already great systems like this Race Capture Pro, so it's hard to imagine doing a cheaper system. Maybe doing some enhancements to it would be a good project, as it seems to be pretty open.

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