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Originally Posted by DIY View Post
This is the vent gauge, I'm most interested in this idea because I want one also because ied prefer this over having to put gauge pods in when I boost my car
This is a good idea, and would be fairly simple to build your own version of something similar. Simply put you'd need a digital display and something like an arduino to interface with it. You could make a harness that has all your gauge inputs going to it, then just write some code to read the inputs, calculate the correct values and output them on the display, maybe one in each vent like this...

Originally Posted by jabela View Post
How about modifying the E46 DSC traction control to have a track mode that actively brake steered, had a track E-diff, and had track ABS?
That would be pretty awesome.
Being able to crack in an communicate with the OEM BMW systems is no easy task. It usually requires paying lots of money to some underground hacker in Germany who will send you a little black box that will allow you to communicate with the cars computer system.

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