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Originally Posted by 73 Tii View Post
Cool, should have the M2 ready by then. Will join one day soon
Good stuff! You definitely need to take your cars on track, you haven't experienced them until you do (IMO)!

After a couple days of waiting patiently (), the cage is finally dry, so this evening I set after getting it installed. With some careful maneuvering to get it inside the car without scratching it or the car majorly, I got the back half of the cage in with the help of my Dad, and bolted it down with the new shiny plated bolts. The front sections of the cage were a bit more strained as a few of the holes I had to drill a hair bigger in the base plates so the bolts would fit through without issue. I guess I must have tweaked something a bit while welding. Oops!

Anyways, eventually everything was set in place, and without a single scratch! I plan to paint the floor once more before final assembly. But I still need to test fit a few odds and ends before that happens.


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