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all the money flowing out of apple, into rim, from all the market news, from the big companies manipulating the markets.

I am actually surprised that there is soo much positive news on RIM - and so much positive talk about RIM, and yet AAPL talk has been negative.

Cept Apple sold 55 million phones in a quarter and RIM has done nothing in 1 year.

And yet the news is that, and the investor sentiment is that AAPL is going to crash this Thursday when it reports earnings, and somehow miraculously RIMM is going to go to $25 per share. AAPL sold 2 million iphones on opening day in China. I find it hard pressed if RIM sells 5 million units in the span of a year.

A company with no current sales. An untested product. A very steep price tag on a product only developers have said is good.

Since when do developers decide how the customer base will enjoy it? The developers, of course they said it's good. They were given free phones, and RIM gave them the tech support they needed, and a bunch of Non disclosure agrements to boot.

I hate RIM and AAPL. But somethings not right. Way too much market manipulation.

And if RIM is really on it's way back up to >50 a share, Ill buy it at $25 in the second quarter earngings release.

Im still Bearish on this because i think their phone is out dated, and too late to market. Ill probably wait to read some reviews and decide if I will load up on some puts.
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