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Originally Posted by 328IScreamer View Post
I have been seriously considering buying a large amount of stock this week. It has gone from $7 to $17 this year alone and I think it is bound to go up upon the release of BB10. All videos I have seen of demos and direct comparisons shows it is on par or better with Iphone 5. I think BB will retain a large corperate market share and those BB fans who have been waiting on this release.

I would like to hear your opinions on where the stock will go
From another thread: "Investor money making prediction", I mentioned;
"and buy a lot of Rim shares", it was trading around $10 then, I bought 3000
shares at $8.55 and 1000 shares were stopped out at $11.65 after RIM announced the change of revenue structure(negative sentiment from analysts) at their last quarter reporting..

Where will RIM go?, The uptrend will still continue till Jan 29 and 30, then a wait and see week . if the BB10 is positive, RIM wil go up again...

Is RIM a buy and where the stock will go? to me, at $17 I think it is a buy
, I am bullish that it will go to the low $20

Target price by Jeffries increased to $19(upgraded yesterday or day before)
and Scotia to $18(upgraded today)

Do your DD
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