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Doogee E90 Racecar Thread

I didn't think I was going to create a thread involving the new car but I figured I could share a little bit. I won't be going nearly as in depth as my E36 M3 build.

I picked up a 2006 325i last Friday. The owner claimed the car had a brand new clutch installed but it didn't work. Sure enough the pedal wasn't going to the floor.

Rudy came down to the shop to help me out with pulling the transmission off to check out the situation. A job that should of taken 3 hours turned into 7 hours because of the previous owners attempt to change it himself.

Got the transmission off and it did indeed have a brand new OEM clutch and pressure plate but the SAC hadn't been set. So without any special tools or experience with this, Rudy created a "custom" clutch alignment tool and we ended up using the hoist to compress the springs on the pressure plate.

It was nice to get the car on the hoist and see the underside in fantastic shape. Nice shiny bolts still.

Temporary rims and tires

$800 clutch alignment tool.

Heavy duty pressure plate compressor.

I'll be driving the car until spring and I'll start stripping the car then. After cruising around a little bit, I wouldn't mind selling my E36 DD and buying another E90. It's such a nice car to drive.

As for timeline. I hope to have the car stripped, caged, painted, along with some suspension done by the summer. Then I can fly around Mosport with it a few times and enter some regional races.

The ultimate goal is CTCC in a few years.

Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as the last.

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