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Originally Posted by 1bmw1 View Post
Deep, i suppose you're right on some specs making a difference such as color and clarity. You will definitely notice a difference if you compare a diamond from one end of the spectrum to the complete other end, ie: Color D compared to a V, but not so much if you're comparing them in one end OR the other, OR somewhere in between.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that if the couple is in love and is preparing for marriage or engagement, then some imperfections on the ring (if there's any) don't need to be hidden from her. Most women won't care. They will be thrilled about the engagement and the meaning of it rather than just recieving a ring. She will not be happy for recieving the ring, she will be happy for getting engaged.

Just want some of you guys to relax if you think you need the best of the best, cuz you honestly don't. Get what fits your budget and what looks nice to you.
Anything from D to G/H will be clean and white - I and below, you will see the difference, especially when placed on a white metal like white gold or platinum.

As far as imperfections - SI1 and above in a round will pretty much guarantee that you will never see the flaw. SI2 is ok in some cases, depends on where the flaw resides. Lower will result in something, which by definition, the naked eye can see. In a princess, you want to stick to VS2 and above for solid eye clean specs. SI1 in a princess can be ok too, but all depending on where the flaw is.

You don't have to break your budget to get something nice and clean. Put it this way - if you're budget allows for a 1 carat stone that's dirty or a 0.75 stone that's clean, go with the 0.75CT stone that's clean...

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