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Originally Posted by Blades View Post
Drive shaft good? They tend to go on those.

Cams and engine troubles on the later years
It has a 6 bolt (7 bolts get crank walk, it's because of higher clamping force clutches)

And I'm getting aftermarket cams

Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Hopefully it doesn't spend more time being fixed than being driven like most DSM cars
You sound like my brother. It's a solid car, it just currently has all the DSM woes. I have to take the pedal assembly out and rebuild/weld it. And I have to put a clutch and transmission in it. I have all the parts I'm just busy at work.

It was super cheap, and theres no rust. It has a $600 chip/speed density setup in it, bigger turbo, full exhaust, in dash blah blah blah.

Originally Posted by Yamahammer View Post
I actually booked my hotel for DSM Shoot out today. Me and a bunch of buddies with EVO's are going down. Putting and FP black (big turbo) on my buddies Evo 8. Shooting for 10's this year.
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