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Originally Posted by BMW BMXer View Post
To go on the flip side Spence made myself and my wife feel terrible. Talking down to us with a tone that was basically implying we were too young and unprepared to get married.

Admittedly I didn't know much about rings but when I went and saw Deep he explained to me what I needed to know and didn't make me feel ill-prepared for the decision I was going to make.

He also helped me pick a design that maximized the budget range I was in. All around great experience.
i can say the same about spence, i went to the square one location and there was a younger guy that was talking to me (i was look around at the time), he was asking me a bunch of questions (personal type) then asking if i was sure about it, etc. went to the vaughn location and guy was really nice and helpful.
should have talked to deep if i knew. i still got a good deal, close to what he posted above.

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