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Originally Posted by eljay View Post
Maintenance on an M3 is NOT cheap and this one has everything done! Even the cooling system, which could have been done later, but gives the next owner a piece of mind and a car to just jump into and drive for quite a while before the next big bill arrive.
So, I'd say that's a good price for a knowledgeable buyer who looks behind just the headline numbers of model year and mileage.

Good luck with the sale!

But I will add another seed of doubt to your decision, I'm afraid. I've never driven an E92, but I bought my E46 M3 from a previous owner who switched to E92 M3. He told me that whenever I decide to sell the M3, he wants to buy it back.
Thanks man! I did so much preventive maintenance to have a peace of mind with the car.

I've had time to think about it and also the lack of offers in this very bad time of year to sell and I'll keep it.

lol at the last part! It's not the first time I hear that! I'll keep my E46 until I can jump to Porsche then! Haha

I didn't think about gas mileage, I'm sure it's pretty bad. I love the sound of the V8!!

A friend was trying to convince me to swap an S65 in my M3!
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