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Originally Posted by cormier View Post
Any special colour?
Nope, just simple black. Body colour would be cooler... but not on an old car IMO. Subtle is best here.

Originally Posted by doogee View Post
Maybe we'll have an E90 cage to do soon
Oh buddy!

So today I ran out to get paint. Mainly because, I've ****ing had it with Tremclad. I don't know what or why, but it seems like each newer can I buy, it gets worse. Shitty coverage, terrible adhesion, bits of shit in the paint, etc... So I've jumped ship to Armor Coat. Gonna see how this does on the interior of the car.

So I bought a few cans, however I didn't want a glossy cage, so I figured I'd mix it with some flat. Basically a 1/5 mix of gloss in flat paint. We'll see how it turns out when its dry!

And the fully painted cage! Still drying in the pic, thats why its glossy. I plan to paint the door bars later once they are in the car, because they are going to get scratched from the sleeves being put on, so I figured why waste the effort. I also gave the base plates a splash of paint inside the car so I can install it all tomorrow evening.


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