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Originally Posted by lvan View Post
My point was that, that is a shady/slow shop if they wanna keep any car on a hoist. That is a sign that something is wrong right there.
Youre right, they should take time away from a job to move your car in and out, in and out and in and out again when your aftermarket pos part fails and you come back and need it removed so you can return it while your car sits on our hoist..oh wait no cause we had to push or drive your car in and out in and out all so you could save $10.

Can you tell this is what I deal with on occassion, we don't mind using someone's purchased oil, filters etc minor parts as long as quality or specified BUT we do not install any after market parts in terms of major functions.

As Eurostyle stated and I agree 110% the coolant system is crucial and we have had almost all our motor swaps related to them.

May I add a shit shop is likely one that takes the time to deal with a guy wanting to save $10 and is so desperate to have work they do these jobs, THOSE are the garages to avoid. You get what you pay for people...$700 or $900 for the job mentioned by the OP. How do you know the guy at $900 didnt take time to thoroughly clean the housing and covers/hoses, cleaned up the valve cover, manifold and O2 sensor area for example.

Time is money and you get what you pay for, two lesson some here in this thread still havent learned.
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