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Originally Posted by cormier View Post
Lol Apple was much higher a few months ago... Don't really see your point

I think the Facebook rally is over after the disappointing press release

I would personally love to see Apple back in the 600s, I would cash out happily this time knowing now that the stock does have a stopping point :p
if were talking buy and sell stocks and you have lets say $5000 to put into stocks. (forgetting all the extra costs associated with a trade)

you buy apple at lets say $550 per share you can get what?

5000 / 550 = 9 shares

now lets say you sell at $600

600 x 9 = 5400 ... profit of $400

you buy facebook at $30

5000 / 30 = 166

now lets say you sell at $38

166 x 38 = 6308 .. profit of $1308

my point is you can make more money buy more shares of a different stock because of the amount of money you have to spend.
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