Thread: 135I vs. e90 M3
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I'll admit the styling of the 1 series is a bit subjective but I wouldn't call it an entry level bimmer. The interior of the 1 series looks exactly the same as the M3 right down to the same style of dash and stearing wheel. It may be missing a few "M" options but it is very close to as fast as an M3 and with a tune it is easy to squeeze a lot more power out of the car. The 1 series is the cheapest series on average but also the smallest.......but with the 135 m package I would hardly call 6 piston brake calipers, twin turbo, and pretty well every option available to the 3 series entry level. I believe there is an entry level to each series it's just a matter of the options you get.

Granted my opinion is Biased and I would take an M3 over the 1 series (unless we were talking about an 1M) but I still just don't see why the M3 is literally almost double the price.
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