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Quebec's market is a little different for clean M3's but what I meant is that if it doesn't sell within a week, the car I want will probably have sold so I'll take mine off the market.

I could propably part it and sell it for close to 20k wich would maybe appear less frightening of a price but did you read the maintenance I did? New brakes, new cooling system, etc, etc. It's probably mechanically in better shape than a 70000km car.

I have the basic quality mods that everyone wants, coilovers, exhaust, diffuser, iconz front lip, alcantara steering. It's also a very nice color combo.

Seeing as you are probably an expert, how much would you ask for? At least my car doesn't need a head gasket job!

I didn't put 8k-10k in the car this year to sell it this quick, I was planning on many years of trouble free ownership. I won't give it away and maybe subconsciously I don't want to sell it.
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