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Originally Posted by DaveM3_09 View Post
I was travelling just under 50km/h.. He took his turn at 30km/h. Ya the airbags are a mystery
Most of the times airbags won't deploy if you are driving less than 50km/h as they can cause some serious damage in a light collision. And given the speed your were going I probably wouldn't want the airbag to go off anyway.

Here is a true story:

My wife's close friend was left blind in one eye in a similar kind of a collision when the airbag hit her in the face full force. She was in a passenger seat wearing the seat belt. Similarly to you their car was going around 70km/h when another car was about to make a left turn in front of them. The driver tapped slightly on the brakes thinking that the left turning car will eventually stop in the turning lane. Due to the light braking my wife's friend was pushed forward but her belt didn't lock since the braking force wasn't strong enough.

A fraction of a second later, the car in front made the turn anyway and the driver ended up slamming on the brakes and T-boning the car in front. Since her body was so much forward, the airbag hit her right in the face damaging an eye and severely bruising most of the face. If it hadn't gone off, she would not have had a single scratch on her...

Consider yourself lucky that you are fine, Germans do make the safest cars in the world.

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