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E30 Mesh Grill

This was a "while waiting for parts project" it was quick and I did it in a few hours (not including paint drying)

stuff needed:

E30 headlight cover L+R and kydney grill
400 grit sandpaper
gutter/eavestrough covers (got mine from lowes for 15$ tonnes left over)
Metal Shears

Step 1: Re-construction

chisel out all the fins, bondo the holes, and sand smooth

Step 2: moulding the mesh

bend gutter cover straight (its curved when you buy it, previous pic bottom right). Make a quick template with some paper and cut and bend the mesh to match.. It should almost hold itself into the little triangular holes

1 piece is 6in wide so it just fits the E30 front end but if you really want to make it wider for other openings, DONT WELD IT! I tried to take my tig welder to it and it vapourized, so I soldered it and using a torch and soldering paste it turned out pretty good (but was a pain in the ass and in the end was useless because the stuff was wide enough anyway)

Step 3: Painting

scuff the plastic with the sandpaper, clean the mesh parts, prime and paint I made the mesh flat black while the grills gloss

Step 4: Fitment

To make sure that the mesh doesnt stick too far out the back or into the headlights

Step 5: Clean

Clean any paint from areas you will be bonding to, and scuff the plastic

Step 6: epoxy em into place

I used c clamps for the big section, the others just held themselves into place

As you can see, my car before I bought it was painted at MACCO and they did a shitty job taping the front and ended up painting the fan shoroud, also the mounts for the grill stick out, being white... so a little more painting of the stuff behind and it will look better

I also added some pinstripe for a bit more retro look but to each their own

One day I'll paint that bumper

and if you think its too ricer well....
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